Posted September 10, 2012

This question has been on mind a bit since my parents decided it was okay for me to start dating. I am not in a rush, but I want to be prepared for when the time comes when I decide I have met someone God would want me to date. So the question is how do I say no to someone that asked me out but whom I do not like romantically? Someone I just can’t see myself with. They may be a great guy but I am just not interested. I do not want to say well you know right now I don’t like you but maybe later because that would lead them on… I am a friendly person but I do not lead anyone. I want to be able to say no without being rude…I do not just want to date for fun but rather as the journey to marriage.


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  1. Sarah Beth

    Just tell him that you don’t see him in that way and that you like him as a guy but you don’t want to be just dating anyone. Mabye I’m a little bit too honest 🙂

    # September 11, 2012

  2. Katie G.

    Tell them (your parents, and guys who ask you out) exactly what you just told us- “I do not just want to date for fun but rather as the journey to marriage.”

    # September 12, 2012

  3. Monica

    hey liz, you have just asked the question that all of us would like to have the answer to! 🙂 let me tell you of a time when i had to say no and it was hard to know how to do it…
    ok, so my best friend’s brother asked me out, and i was so suprised that i almost fell over backwards, i had never thought of him as a “maybe he will one day be my boyfriend” type of person. it made things way more complicated since i was always over at their place (me and my best friend were together like ALL the time) anyways, he was of great charcter. and i just didnt have any romantic feelings for him tho. i really struggled with how to tell him in a nice way that i just was not interested. because he was a great christian and all that stuff…
    what i did, (and i am not in any way saying that i did it 100% right or anything) i told him that i really had no problem with him, he is a good Christian man, and he has a very good character. and there is nothing wrong with him. i just feel like he is not the one for me. and that i cannot be in a romantic relationship with him.
    i know that there are many ways to tell a young man “no”. but i do feel that out of respect to him, we as ‘uninterested’ young ladies also need to be very careful that we do not squash their feelings. they have put themselves out there and asked you out, and if we just do not care at all how we step on that and squash it, he will never want to ask out any other girl! so dont spiol it for the rest of the girls. one of them out there is the right one for him, just as ther is the right one for you!
    blessings as you look at all the wonderful, exciting, and also scary aspects of relationships!

    # September 12, 2012

  4. Kelsey Marie

    I would just simple say, “No thank you”. I polite, nice guy ought to understand these words! 🙂

    # September 13, 2012

  5. Esther

    be direct. make it clear how you feel. boyfriend told me that before he had decided he liked me or wanted to pursue me he had asked another girl to date him and he said he was impressed at how she handled the situation she directly told him that she did not like him and could not see herself changing her mind. and that opened him up to notice me! because she did not imply that maybe later she would like him. but make sure that is true before you go tell a guy that. I would say if I guy asks you out that is a good christian guy but you dont feel attracted to tell them that you need to pray about it and that you will get back with them on a set day if you feel that it is God’s will to move forward go for it. if you feel the same way tell them so.

    # September 16, 2012