Posted January 3, 2013

How do you break a habit of playing on the computer too much?

I’ve always wondered how to spend less time on the computer. Ever since we first got one as a family, I was almost constantly on it. I’ve been given a personal one since then, and that has enabled me to be on here even longer. I want to break this obsession of wanting to do things on here, but I can’t seem to. It’s almost as though I live for the next time I get on and can play. I know it isn’t right, and I know I should be spending my time more wisely, but I can’t seem to.

I’ve always been a writer (and hopefully I always will be), and writing has been my excuse for getting on. But once I do, it takes at least 15 minutes to actually get down and write–and then I am usually distracted with other things! I know this probably all sounds like babbling, but I have to get this out and see what all you ladies think about it. I know my Mom isn’t very happy with how much time I spend on here (today, it was almost all day!), and I’m not happy about wasted time, either.

So basically, my question is: Have you ever been obsessed with playing/doing things on the computer, and if so, how did you break that habit? This has been an ongoing habit, and it will soon be three years since I first had a chance to be on a computer a whole lot. Always since then, I have been on as much as possible. Please help! I want to be a good steward of my time, but I’m not a very good steward right now.


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  1. brenna

    Before you get on the computer, specifically outline what you are going to do, before you actually get on. Don’t allow yourself to get on, and then click this link, and then that link, and then open this webpage, and then that. No! That’s a trap. Tell yourself, “Ok, I’m going to do such and such, and that is it!” And then do only that. Also, set a limited time that you will be on, and a limited number of times you will be on throughout the day. And of course, be accountable to another person! Ask your Mom, per say, to occasionally come up to you and ask you what you are doing on your computer. That will help you stay accountable. Hope this helps!

    # January 10, 2013

  2. Faith17

    1.for 1 week do not go on the computer at all it, for the first few days you will be like”ugg I’m so bored!!” but after a while you will hardly miss it.
    2. Think of all the things that you could do with your time instead of being on the computer! If you are a reader, try getting the “Christian Heros THen and Now” series by Janet and Geoff Benge(published by YWAM), they are excellent autobiographies. Or you could learn a new recipe (try going to and looking up Alton Brown’s chocolate moouse recipe mmmm) or learn to knit (super duper fun) and you can listen to audio book while you are doiing it. I know you like to write so maybe you could write on paper (low tech/ good old days lol)

    3. most computers nowadays can have passwords so have you mom set a password on it that you do not know, then you have to ask her to unlock every time you want to get on.

    4. also I assume that most of what is distracting you is online so maybe you could disconnect your internet/wifi from just your computer?

    Hope these ideas help!

    # March 5, 2013

  3. Esther Rose

    Thanks for the ideas, all! 🙂 I haven’t been logged in in ages, so hadn’t seen that this had even been posted! But thanks for the ideas anyway, even though it’s been months. 🙂

    # July 2, 2013