Posted February 24, 2014

I’ve been looking around for Christian young men for some time and I noticed that most of them did things I did not like: They played (too much) video games or they kept using profane language or they kept switching girlfriends or they were very flirty with everyone or seemed to be lazy in general or didn’t want (many) kids and stuff like that. About a year ago I found a guy at a Christian camp in Austria who does seem like the kind of guy I was looking for – even when I checked his facebook profile it all seemed OK but under the movies he watched he had two movies – twilight and Lord of the Rings – that I would not want to watch and I don’t think these are OK movies – now I don’t know if that is a serious problem I should consider or if I should just accept it since there is probably no one out there who is absolutely perfect in what he does – so how much should I compromise when looking for a husband?


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