Posted February 24, 2014

For you older girls/women out there, how did you spend your high school and what have you done since high school (college, job, ministry, ect) before meeting your husband? Besides raising children, are you still using any of the learning from your earlier years? For those who aren’t married yet, or maybe not even out of high school, what do you do? I would just love some examples of how other Christian females use their time  and skills. Thank you!


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  1. blackwhitedenim

    I did a lot of music-related things- playing and singing in bands. Between high school and marriage I had a part time job. All of my friends were getting married, so I helped at different weddings. I learned floral design and did a little bit of that on the side. Did some house-sitting and started a cooking blog. I also picked up some random skills like shooting, snowboarding and driving stick shift. Took a CPR/First Aid class. Tapped maple trees for syrup, set up a hydroponic system in my bedroom, learned to make chocolates and ice skate backwards.

    My single years were so much fun. Sometimes I wonder if I didn’t try to self-medicate my loneliness with learning and trying new things. I had a running list of things to do and just checked it off. Life is SO full of things to do, I wonder how people can ever be bored.

    # March 8, 2014