Posted March 26, 2013

Ok I am 17 years old and my family has recently met another Christian family. We are actually having them over this Saturday for supper.  I Really like one of the guys(he’s 18 or 19), and God has put it on my heart to pray for him(I don’t know where this will lead, I’m just obeying God’s voice, but he is exactly what I am looking for in a husband)  we also have a lot in common (BIG families, and on older end of them etc.). I get butterflies when I’m around him (it doesn’t effect me enough on the outside for people to see that I’m a little nervous but on the inside I’m like AHH what am I gonna do!).  It’s not that I’m not confident, I don’t know what it is

Any tips at all would be apperciated




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  1. katra

    Be yourself! I know it’s easy to get nervous around guys you’re attracted to. It’s normal. Often though, in our nervousness we only think about how
    the guys are thinking about us….I.e. if they think WE are pretty, if they think we are intelligent, if they we are great “preparing helpmeets”. 🙂
    But that is not who we should be focusing on. We should be
    thinking about how to encourage and build up the guy in the Lord! Also how to have a good, normal conversation with the opposite sex that pleases the Lord.
    On a more personal note, one thing that always helps me, the notion I try to always have in my mind when I’m conversing with eligible guys is, “what would my husband be thinking and feeling as he’s watching me have this interaction?”. It really helps my focus, as God ultimately knows who I will marry and I needn’t worry too much about nervousness. 🙂

    # April 20, 2013