Posted August 15, 2012

Last summer we brot bedbugs home from a dorm. I stuffed tansy in mattress & kept bedding in attic, now we’re getting bites in every bedroom. Is it possible to exterminate them w/o chemicals?


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  1. Serafina

    I’d go online and do some searches. Try places like and search Bugs. (Did you try putting the herbs around again? Have you heard of using fossil shell flour (diatomaceous earth?)

    # August 17, 2012

  2. trina

    Man I have been there before, I worked at an apartment complex during the hieght of the epidemic. First of all start praying! Then start ingesting LARGE amounts of raw preferably organic garlic. Ya it tastes bad but it will keep you from getting eaten alive from any blood sucking insect. Bed bugs typically stay in the area they were introduced in through, for example if your childrens room seems to be the most infested thats where they started, and then they hitched a ride throught the rest of the house. So try to determine where they are the worst and “quarantine” that area. Do not drag your mattresses from one part of the house to the other. Get an air matress and sleep where they are not as active. They hide during the day and come out at night so it may be hard at first to determine where they are nesting, a black light will reveal this easily. Then try to determine if they are contuing to be brought in from someone elses house. I have seen horrifying situations where people have lived with bedbugs for years and there home looked like a horror movie, but yet they didnt seem to mind and would allow others over without warning. Unfortuantly, despite what the exterminator will tell you it is very difficult to completely get rid of them in your furniture. We got rid of everything, except the things we could spray down. They LOVE to hide in cracks and folds of furniture and they are very hard to see on material. If you decide to throw anything away make sure you destroy it or write a note saying BED BUGS so others dont take it home. Clear out your dressers and closets anf put every peice of clothing/stuffed animals into big trash bags. Get two seperate color trash bags, one for clean clothes one for dirty. As soon as you take your clothes off put them into the dirty bags or washer. Wash all clothes on HOT and then dry on HOT for atleast and hour. As soon as they are done put the clean clothes into clean trash bags. DO NOT bring anything new into the house and DO NOT stay at a friends or hotel. Truly this is a very traumatizing experience, I can not sleep at hotels until I have thoroughly inspected every inch of the room. During this time every one was worried just being around me, it was embarrasing. But bed bugs are not associated with filth like roaches. They are not bound by any type of social barrier, rich and poor alike have bed bugs. The last straw for us was when I looked over at my husband and there was one sucking on his neck ( I never got bit, I can handle ALOT of garlic) So we threw everything we had away and moved. If you decide to stay it may take months to be completely cleared, and you will have to keep a very organized system of clean/dirty clothes. Vacuum as many times as possible in a day and empty the bag out immediatly. Others have found some relief from spraying rubbing alchohol around areas, but I havent tried that. DO NOT DO NOT try to spray or bomb your house. This backfires and increases the population as well as creating immunity…plus it is extremely bad for your health. Good luck!

    # August 21, 2012