Posted May 24, 2013

Hi ladies,

I need some advice. I posted a while ago that I was concerned I was too smart for guys and that it may put them ‘off.’ I got lots of great tips, so…  thank you! I haven’t had a boyfriend so far, am 23 years old, and somehow I have this wifey/motherly nature to settle down and marry a Godly man. I am stuck. I am not sure what to feel/do/think lately and feel down at times that it will never happen.

I also realise there are things I have to sort in my life, such as better time management, staying humble & meek, organising & prioritising and one thing I have battled with by my nature is slothfulness & stubborness. I am going to go through the slothful scriptures in the Teaching Guide of PTBAHM.

Do you have any uplifting lines or instructions? God bless, S xx


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  1. elisabeth04

    I am 24 and five months ago I was where you are. I know the feelings. There were simply no possibilities for a husband in my circle. After almost a year of prayer and seeking advice, I joined, an online dating site. From the beginning my goal was to MEET a guy online, not date online. I was guided through the process by a godly friend who had met her husband on the same site and who is happily married today. I am now in a relationship with a godly man who lives 45 minutes from me, but who I never would have met if I had not joined the dating site. This method isn’t for everyone, but my advice is for you to be open about the possibility, pray much, and seek counsel. I believe we as young ladies need to be putting feet to our faith and making ourselves “findable” in whatever way we can, while still trusting the Lord to guide us. The Christian culture, the church, and sometimes even the family just isn’t doing it for us anymore, so we’re going to have to get creative! 🙂 God is always good and He wants to bless you!

    # May 28, 2013

  2. faithtiberend

    Keep on following Jesus,and He will bring you the right man, at the right time!

    # July 25, 2013

  3. heidimm5799

    I totally agree…keep praying and seeking. But don’t become “obsessed” if you don’t get what you want. I know of some girls who have kinda “obsessed” over it, and focused more on that, than praying about it! I think many girls struggle with this!

    # November 5, 2013

  4. Shalom (Staff)

    Good post! I think that all guys really value a cheerful, hardworking, godly (but not religious) woman. Keep on for Christ!

    # February 11, 2014