Posted September 10, 2012

I work with a guy that I´ve liked since the very first time I saw him.
Then, he showed some interest on me and my imagination started the way to dreamland.
Well, my mom made me come back to earth, telling me to trust the Lord an letting Him work in this guy (who in that time, was a new Christian) and in me and the ministry I was (am) working at.

Then, I saw a lot of things that I didn’t like about him, but I was also looking the Lord working in Him.

The point is that we were “good acquaintances” we also talked one or two times about our struggles with pride hahaha….

I like him, and I´ve been praying to stay focused on my Heavenly Father, I really want to wait God’s best and be faithful to God and to my future husband and I’m aware that he may not be this very guy!

But the last weeks have been awful, he barely talks to me, he is so indifferent to me, he is avoiding me. He is other guy completely different!! and I can’t stop rhinking about it. Why is this happening? What did I do or say? What is he thinking? What did someone else told him? I know I can’t have the answers to all these questions, I know the Lord knows what’s happening and wants me to trust him, He wants me to be like Abraham; and by faith, obey, even without knowing what ( or who) is waiting for me… or for him… and accept it with joy….
but somehow I’m suffering…. I miss him even when I see him everyday!!
Ideas? advices? rebukes?


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  1. Aldee

    I want to add that…. He is the same guy again… But… One of the things I didnt like about him was (is) that he likes to have the attention of other girls, and he has been very friendly with a special lady who is my friend. Ah, why did he once showed interest in me and now he is acting that way? Was that ever real? Was I only one of his games? How do I let him go???? He is just driving me crazy…. I’ve tried to focus my mind on the Lord, I’ve memorized entire books and still dreaming day and night of him…. Being honrest, I have to say that I feel something very special for him even with his failures and mistakes I still admire him… I had said that I’d never pray for an especific guy unless he asked me to do it, because I did’t want to involve my feelings; but last week he asked me to pray for him… But what do I pray for if the Lord knows the real motivations of my heart?

    # September 11, 2012

  2. Katie G.

    To me it sounds like you are infatuated, and he is not very mature. Are you both ready to be considering marriage?

    # September 13, 2012

  3. Cora Beth

    When I try to get my mind off somthing, I try to get my mind on somthing new. For me thats crafting. What do you enjoy doing with your spare time? Also pray!!

    # September 15, 2012

  4. aldee

    Yes, maybe i’m infatuated but I don’t know how to free myself from the infatuation. And we are ready to consider marriage, he is 27 and I’m 23, at least we are old enough.
    And I’m very busy all day and anyway he is in my mind…..

    # September 17, 2012

  5. Smile4God

    This was happening to me a for a few years.(I’m 17). I hated that i could not stop thinking about him even though he was with other girls. I finally stopped last summer and I no longer think of him as a possibilty for anything. It helps to get your mind focused on something else, pray, and think of all his flaws and why he WOUDN’t be good for you. I felt the exact same way but i overcame it. I hope this helps;)

    # February 7, 2013