Posted July 15, 2012

I want to know what it was like when God told you who you were going to marry. I am only 16 and have often thought about this since reading your book. I am not looking to get married at a young age, but rather I feel that if I am better connected to God, I will know for sure if it is truly Him speaking to me. Not just what I would like to belive. I want to know for when the time is right that I can be sure. I know God does not tell everyone, but I just do not want to be like all those “christian couples” who get divorced or complain about marrige. I know marrige is not perfect, but I do not want mine if I have one to be like the rest of supposive christian society’s marriges.


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  1. chula

    I have asked my mother this very same question. “How will I know if he’s the right one? How can I be sure it’s not just me telling myself he is? How can I tell the difference between God’s voice and my voice?” I wasn’t expecting my mom to know since her and my father didn’t marry for what people nowadays do, but she gave a really good answer.

    My mom said that when I meet the right one and wonder if he is the one, the desire to marry him will never leave my mind. It will be my every thought, and I won’t be at peace with myself until it’s done.

    I guess you could explain it kind of like a conviction. If you are convicted to do something, like wear skirts all the time, or whatever it is, then it will never leave your mind until you do it. Then, when you do it, you will feel at peace and will be able to sleep in the night.

    I would encourage you to honestly pray about. Pray honestly and sincerely. There is no fooling God. He knows what is in your heart–your heart’s desires. He created them. Therefore, when praying, just say what’s on your mind and how you feel. Remember, don’t forget to pray for your husband. I’ll be praying for you.

    # December 29, 2012

  2. beth

    I’m not married yet…but….
    I have asked the Lord to show me who the right guy is by a couple different things. I actually keep them a secret so no guy can try to fool me by conforming to my prayers and desires- only God can make it work out.
    One was asking God to have the right guy do a very specific thing only one person will be able to do….
    And the other was asking God to give my future husband the heart for a specific ministry I have a passion for.
    Beyond that, I try to seek His will by prayer, consulting with my Dad and Mom, and just being head up and cautious.

    # March 3, 2013