Posted February 5, 2013

Does anyone have ideas for how to encourage/teach brothers to use good table manners? I’m not talking about which fork to use first or the proper way to unfold a cloth napkin, but just basic stuff like not burping at the table, or not eating half a hamburger in one bite.  My older brother is out of the house (and his manners are fine for the most part 🙂 ), and I still have hope for my younger brother (12 yrs). 🙂 My dad doesn’t exactly set the greatest example, so it’s kind of hard to know how to respond when little bro says, “Why can’t I burp? Dad does it!” Any ideas?


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  1. beth

    I am sitting here wondering if I forgot and posted this question. I have a 13 year old brother with the exact same problem- and he learned it from Dad. I can’t say us girls have turned up a good solution. Some things we were able to change by telling him that if his manners didn’t improve, he would scare girls off. 🙂
    Beyond that, the only thing that has brought even moderate success has been acting mildly disgusted when he does something gross- but I can’t say we have had a ton of luck with that.
    I am hoping someone else will have a good idea!

    # March 1, 2013