Posted January 7, 2013

What can I do to fight abortion? What do you gals do? I am going to start getting together with folks from our area to pray, but I would like to do more as well…


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  1. ivyfree

    check out it is about fighting abortion.

    # January 19, 2013

  2. kelseymarie

    Is there a pregnancy center in your area? I volunteer at one by me. If you could talk to someone there about it, I’m sure they’d be glad to help. You could also work there.

    # January 30, 2013

  3. 1butterflykisses

    You could volunteer or donate baby products to a pregnancy center (cribs, dipers, clothes, ect.).

    # February 3, 2013

  4. gloriousday - the author of this post.

    Thanks for the ideas ladies!! There is legislation coming up in my state that is prolife- praying that it will be passed!

    # February 10, 2013

  5. flower

    Check out:
    40 Days for Life
    Care Net Pregnancy and Family Services
    Students for Life of America

    Learn/educate others about:
    Carol Everett
    Abby Johnson
    Gianna Jessen
    Rebecca Keissling

    This is barely the tip of the iceberg. God bless you in your fight for the unborn and their moms!

    # March 27, 2013

  6. andrea93

    I volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center. I have learned so much, and been able to be a blessing to so many women in a very real way. The ministry goes way beyond just saving babies, but saving mothers too, now and for eternity. I wish more young ladies would get involved in this front-line battle!

    # July 28, 2013