Posted September 17, 2012

I have a 6-year-old, he’ll be 7 in fall. I can’t get him to stop wetting his pants. It almost seems as though he is doing it on purpose. I tell him it is gross and stinks, but I think he thinks it to be funny. He is embarrassed when daddy sees it. He went to school for a few months last year and never once wet in school. As soon as he started schooling at home he started wetting again. (He wanted to get out of school so I don’t think this is the cause. Besides he was wetting before he went to school.) This is not a bedweting thing. I know boys can get overinvolved in things and forget to go but even when I remind him he dosen’t care. Sometimes I think he goes on purpose when he looses his temper, just to “win the battle”. I’m trying to potty train my 4-year-old and I find this frustrating to have her see this. I’m open to just about anything (the neighbors won’t see, which means taking him out back and hosing him off is out of the question).


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  1. liera

    Beth, You sound like a good mom that cares, but I think you have some deeper issues with your son other than wetting. Maybe you could try to read Train Up A Child to correct those issues, but the wetting, it is very uncomfortable to have wet pants, so if you seriously think he is doing this on purpose let him change himself, wash himself, wash his clothes, and clean the floor where he did it. Be calm the whole time and do not make a big deal about it, totally ignore him other than the first time he does it next, sweetly tell him “Sweetheart, accidents happen, but I know you are a super smart, and big boy, so you can do a great job cleaning yourself up!” After sitting in wet pants, he will want to change, it itches! Do not get angry and bring attention to it because you might be perpetuating it. Also, I’d check with a doctor to make sure nothing is wrong medically. Remain calm and carry on =) Also, your 4 year old is old enough to see what is healthy, she will not copy her brother if she sees mama does not make a big deal out of it. You, I am sure care so much about your babies, and I hope you are blessed.

    # December 3, 2012