Posted February 26, 2014

There’s a man in my fiance’s church who left his previous congregation because he offended a respected couple. He basically publicly condemned and chastised them for having no children. I don’t believe this is right because one or both of them may not have the ability to have kids. I guess what I am asking is where does this man base this teaching that being childless is something that causes a couple to be shunned or (as he saw it) to be kicked out of the church? Do any of you agree with him and why?

It’s sort of scaring me a little as well; if it turns out that I am not particularly fertile, this man will make our lives miserable. I know that my husband’s-to-be church is against that belief but I still wouldn’t like that conflict within the church family.


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  1. Shalom (Staff)

    Talk to your fiance about this and see how he feels about this and if it comes up in your church how will he respond to this man. The man in question sounds like a visionary type, they sometimes see themselves as the prophet type and if they have a wife that stirs them up it is even worst. He is wrong in his judgment for when you look at scripture almost all of God’s people were at times barren at first, when they did give birth it was for Gods Glory. Think on that.

    # March 4, 2014