Posted February 24, 2014

I have been a christian since the age of Sixteen and now twenty seven years, it has been four years since i have not been in a relationship and and neither been in any type of sexual encounter but some people keep telling me that the reason why am not getting a boyfriend or even marrying is because i have a spiritual mask, whereby a guy sees me but he chooses not to come and ask me out. But the bible says that we are a new creation in Christ Jesus and a love God, can this happen to a devoted Christian?

As i am becoming emotionally frustrated because if a serve God, how can i have what people are saying.



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  1. thankfulwifey

    spiritual mask? I dont understand…

    Sometimes we dont get what we want from God (think Job) but still learning to love Him through it is a very powerful lesson in loving Him more than what He can give us. I learned this lesson through a year of infertility.

    I am praying God will help you love Him through this pain of loneliness.

    # March 18, 2014

  2. chenwei

    Hi,Im a girl from China,I understand what you worrying for,I have similar question .although I am just 23 years old, but I already pray to God for my future husband, I hope to know him soon and be with him worship God and praise God forever, he is still not showing up yet,but I trust God, I trust his power, God have perfect time for us, and I believe his help is coming for what we praying for. God blessed us. Amen!

    # May 22, 2014