Posted April 25, 2013

I am hoping to be getting married in a year , and I have been thinking about birth control. I found out a lot of bad things about the pill both morally and hormonally for the women. So I’ve been researching  the natural family planning method. were women track their ovulation. I was wonder if any married ladies use this method of spacing children. If they had any things they found helpful in tracking? and if they found it successful in spacing children? and if they had any other advice about this?



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  1. nickschick

    Hey! For one thing, good job on researching this well before the big day! I was on the pill when I first got married and it messed me up for awhile. Then my husband and I started looking into other ways especially after we actually realized what the moral consequences of what the pill could do. We got the book “Taking Charge of your Fertility” and I highly recommend it! It does work as long as do it like your supposed takes some time to figure out so if I were you I would start now and I also feel its important to talk to your man about the potential to have kids right away becaause with any form there is that chance especially with the natural ways, we had to decide that there is a chance and if it happened we will be excited but we are just not planning for one yet and that gives so much peace of mind! And btw Congrats on getting married! It is a wonderful journey!

    # May 6, 2013

  2. raggedycottagegarden

    This method works well for women who have husband who is morally stable and is willing to work to provide for the family as well as not wanting to go back and live with momma when he isn’t getting fed. In other words for those in marriage with a mature man. He ought to be mature anyway as a woman needs two to six weeks off after any pregnancy or health problems of female nature. True love doesn’t revolve around sex….yet it is not separable in the mind of a woman as she needs it to avoid cancer as biology of it all would have it.

    For woman who have husbands who come and go as they please (ehemmm the prostitutes at the casino lurk around) it is best to avoid all planning as a whole because the man needs his needs met. The man needs to see where his priority belongs and who truly provides for the family.

    I did natural family planning for a while. It is a lot of work to keep track of things but eventually you’ll be able to keep track of when things work for your body. Try to learn the new-moon cycles (matches with biblical calendar) to see how the pattern fits for you. Start before you are married so you are really knowledgeable about your body. After marriage invest in reading the book “intended for pleasure” by Ed Wheat. Read this with your husband BEFORE children come along to really help both of you understand sexuality from a biblical perspective. CTBHM is also a good read for women too!

    Even with some natural family planning I’ve been married for eight years with 5 pregnancies (lost two). I kind of give up on it but I would rather let God do the work and let be than try so much on my own strength yet young children under five are a challenge to feed until they can get the milk out of the fridge themselves.

    As far as birth control is concerned it is control of the natural garden….but dandelions do show up, they are edible too and can be used like rhubarb in pies, muffins and pancakes;)

    It is best not to set a “#” of children you would like to have before marriage because all people that God creates are useful in the home. It is like saying you only want your tomato plant to produce 5 tomatoes and no more. Men have a funny way of believing that his woman will stay in a controlled fertility state and be happy with it and start to get upset if she produces 10 children instead of just 2. Yet we woman have to make sure the tomatoes don’t “morally” rot. Ummmm doesn’t work so well. Birth control methods produce cancers anyway as Woman needs to breastfeed for seven years to avoid female cancers. Plan to make home available for 20 (yes you will need to study edible weeds in the garden, lacto-fermentation canning, sourdough whole grain products, scalping fish and chickens and such to feed such a brood) but expect 5 as miscarriages are more common than most women speak about especially with poor nutrition habits in modern homes as well as the natural things that happen in even cattle. We just have to accept that. Yes I have heard of a family where a woman had nine miscarriages!

    Congrats on getting married! Yay! If is fun especially if you feel like he is your first boyfriend and you can go on dates with him. The children are fun too if you know how to train them like training a tomato ( or Train up a Child are good resources. Always put him first before the kids though.

    Ok… what are three questions every woman should ask before tieing the knot:
    1. Are you willing to be fruitful and multiply as God would allow?
    2. Do you support home school or online computer school (
    3. Are you willing to provide healthy food, shelter and clothing? (maybe he wants to homestead or maybe he wants to live in the city) will the income provide healthy things of that nature either his own DIY method or actual financial resource.

    Good luck have fun. Learning and responsibility increase after marriage like never before. Watch out for thorns (in-laws or other moral issues) but its all good and for God’s glory if done under the authority of God’s word.

    # May 11, 2013

  3. amelia

    We’re using Natural Family Planning, and we started tracking everything on I highly recommend it. It helps make NFP so much simpler.

    Some people will have “down in the mouth” things to say. Basically that you are not allowing God to give you fruit if you decide to use NFP. But if it in no way harms a fertilized egg (now a baby), there is absolutely nothing morally or scripturally wrong with it. Especially if your husband wants you to wait (you have to honor him) or you need to wait for health reasons.

    Hope that helps. 🙂 Blessings on your upcoming marriage!

    # May 25, 2013

  4. akiteinthesky - the author of this post.

    thank you all so much for responding. It seems so complicated and im hoping that this information simplifies things.

    # May 30, 2013

  5. sbalia

    Hello there akiteinthesky!

    We are using the Ovulation Method, I ordered the Love & Fertility book, cd & chart. It explains the method really simplistically and has colourfull animation drawings to go with it. Here is the website :

    It explains how to postpone or achieve pregnancy wheather you were on artifical contraseptives, or not, through breast feeding and pre-menaupose. It requires observation on your part and encourages communication between you and your spouse.

    There are a percentage of people for which this method may not work ( shown in some statistics in the book ) so I suggest you speak to your fiance about the possibility of falling pregnant once you are married and see how he feels about it.

    You can also find some helpful information about the negative effects of different contraceptives on the website I mentioned above and in the book. I shared it all with my hubby and the health implications was of greater concern to him than falling pregnant. So we went the natural way with a PLAN not to fall pregnant for an x number of years but the MIND SET that if it happens, it happens and we’ll be happy and blessed nonetheless.

    In the book they do suggest that you get help from a qualifeid ovulation instructor when starting out, I didn’t, and for a year and a half my hubby and I didn’t fall pregnant. There are about 5 basic rules they teach you, which are super easy to remember. We went away on a romantic holiday though , I accidentally skipped over a rule or two and voila! What do you know! I fell pregnant! 🙂 If you stick to what you know it truly does work!


    # May 31, 2013