Posted December 10, 2012

Hi Girls,

I’m 16, and not to long ago( 2 weeks ago) my dad decided he thought it was okay for my mom and I to wear makeup…(the church we recently left did not allow it) I am curious if anyone has any particular thoughts about it. If they do, why? If they don’t why not?”

I really enjoy wearing it because it gives me more confidence. And I try not wear it in excess. I enjoy using foundation, mascara, lipstick, blush, powder and eye shadow…

Also once i read on here that some girl made eye shadow of activated charcoal…Could you pleeease tell me how to do that?

I really want do what is right, and i trust my dad’s descision, but i was curious what others thoughts were:) Thank you!



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  1. liera

    If your dad says okay, and your mom says okay, then I would wear very little cover up, and modest mascara. Stick with natural hews, like nudes and browns for eye shadow. Eye liner, is for nighttime, and you do not need to be going out at nighttime =). I am not saying this out of a spiritual conviction, but a conviction with fashion. When models are not in a specific make up for a shoot, they usually stick with an all natural look. Even most fashion shoots have natural looking makeup. There are some great brands that are less harmful to the skin like Mychelle. Also, lipstick, is dated, except for a particular event, usually night. Stick with natural lip color, and put on chap stick or a subtle gloss. Most guys like a natural face. I’d say most people find a natural looking made up face looks clean but not inappropriate. Sometimes, I think religious conservatives go to an extreme by not taking care of themselves at all, and look like dirty people and tired. Keep in mind, when you are married, do as your husband should wish. Shoshanna Easling wears makeup, and she looks natural and beautiful.

    # December 18, 2012

    • kelseymarie

      I agree with you about how some conservatives really look unkept. I know some people like that and think it’s a shame when they could look so much better!

      # January 10, 2013

  2. kelseymarie

    Yes, I like wearing some makeup too. It’s just kind of fun. 🙂 I don’t use too much. On a normal day all I put on is some cover up for any pimples and then some mascara and perhaps lip gloss. Blush is only for days when I feel blahh. 🙂 Certainly not for the summer when I’m tan! I decided a couple days ago actually that I want to get myself some eye shadow, because I’ve been starting to borrow my mom’s and don’t want to use hers all up. I would just say don’t overdo it, you know. You don’t want to PAINT your face as much as you want to make your features simply prettier. Some ladies look plain spooky with all that eye makeup on! By the way, I’m 16 too, almost 17.

    # January 2, 2013

  3. liv98

    I wear a dusting of makeup; foundation,concealer,powder, to help even out my skin and hide blemishes. I wear some lip gloss too. ( I love Burt’s Bees’s lip gloss. It moisturizes well, looks good, and smells awesome!) I’m not saying that eye makeup is bad, (not at all!) but I don’t wear it yet, because I think I’m a bit young for it. (I’m 14) But I’ve seen it look wonderful on girls before!

    I like the natural look, and that is what I try to do, not a done-up “baby doll” look. I know some girls who wear makeup and it looks really good; natural and pretty.

    It makes me feel more confident to wear some makeup as well, especially because I get dark circles under my eyes constantly.

    When makeup makes you look cleaner, fresher, pretty and lovely I believe it’s fine to wear! (That’s how God created us to be! 😀 )

    # January 10, 2013

  4. jbeth

    I’ve found this blog really good in relation to modest dress and stuff and she (the blogger) has this post about her makeup routine which includes a natural foundation, made from cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa powder and cornflour. I use it all the time. She also has a recipe for making charcoal eyeliner.
    Plus she had this really good post (can’t find it, sorry) about why she uses makeup; how she views it as you would varnish wood to enhance it.
    And as for the mascara either you just mix the activated charcoal with aloe vera gel (haven’t tried that one yet) or use this more detailed recipe
    Hope this helps!

    # January 13, 2013