Posted December 6, 2012

I’m a dreamer, with some go-to thrown in. Enjoy operating as a servant girl sometimes, though.
I have a strong personality, although
I’m a nice person, so I keep it in check. I am most
Compatible with visionary/steady combos..
And abhor command men, especially really
Outgoing, in your face, cocky, overly confident ones.

And yes, my significant other is a quiet visionary, whose mellow side is pretty steady. Love it.

I want to be an awesome mother one day, but fear I’ll
Have a command man, son, and I’ll blow it. Either totally squelsh his spirit, or else, just cut him loose too much. My fear has grown since having such a n almost one yr. Old in my preschool classroom. He is so demanding. All his needs are met, but unlike the other patient calm boys, he wants what he wants immediately. He cries in a really annoying, loud, whiney tone and squirms to get out of his high chair as soon as he’s finished, and same for.wanting to get out of his crib immediately upon waking up from nap time. He smiles when he gets his own way. He gets on my last nerve. How will I ever parent a potential command man, well, in the future, at this rate? Help!


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  1. elynn3

    curious, it sounds like you’ve put the cart before the horse a bit!
    That said, I have a friend who has two sons, the first is obviously a command man, at less than two years old. He is opinionated and stubborn, and his mama is always kept on her toes! However, despite her frustrations with him, she says that he is a wonderful big brother and he is very serious about his chores–he has been taking the trash out now for several months and he becomes very upset if someone else does “his” job.
    So realize that there are pros and cons to little command men, buy a copy of To Train Up a Child, draw the line and stick to it, and pray, pray, pray.
    More importantly though, don’t burden yourself with the worries of “someday.” Focus on the worries of today, and let God handle your tomorrows. God bless you and your future family!

    # April 3, 2013