Posted February 26, 2014

Hi Ladies!

I was hoping for some really straightforward, direct counsel from some of you. I can take reproof. I just have some questions I really want answers to, even if you aren’t 100% sure on your answers. I am not officially looking for a guy right now, but probably will be by next year. Right now I am concentrating on developing skills that a good, godly man will be looking for. I really don’t want to lower my standards on what I consider a godly man to be, so I will have to get my act together. I am not a really good cook or seamstress, but I do like those things. I want to spend my life in evangelism, hospitality, and generosity. I really don’t even want to consider a guy unless he witnesses.

Please give me some answers on practical skills I could be developing. What kind of woman does an evangelist (or something like that) want? What kind of practical skills is he looking for? Are there guys left out there around 26-30 who want to serve God?  I am 23, but I want a guy a few years older. Is the end of the world coming too soon to be considering these things? I appreciate any answers.



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  1. Shalom (Staff)

    Well that is a big question but I will give it a try. If you are a dreamer type girl, which it sounds like you are with a touch of servant then you should be looking for a command/ steady type man. A command man will want his wife to have a full life serving the Lord and getting things done but still know how to jump in and serve him and let him lead. They are looking for a queen type girl that can lead but follow at the same time. Learn to serve others. Learn to lead. Learn to serve the Lord first. If you want a man that loves God and witnesses then you do the same! You want a man, come to the shindig this fall! There will be lots of them there! Shalom

    # March 4, 2014