Posted March 26, 2013

Hi, my name is Sierra & I am 17. I am involved in a side-walk pro-life ministry on Friday mornings with a group from our church.

We drive about an hour & a half every Friday morning to hand out pro-life booklets that shows the stage of the baby’s life as it develops in the womb. I am putting this on here for the many girls out there to see & ask for your prayers. Abortion is huge in America right now! It’s heart-breaking to see the many girls that pull into this clinic. It’s a PP (Planned Parenthood) clinic, so they don’t do just abortions; I know they do birth-control & some other things. We try to arrive at the clinic between 7:45 & 8:00am central time, as they open at 8:15 am & start the procedures. Some girls get a pill, leave & come back later to take a second pill. Others will pull in & still be there when we leave; this is even more scary because this normally means they are getting the abortion surgically done.

I won’t be able to do this ministry much longer, as I am preparing for a 4 to 6 month trip to help some missionaries overseas, but we really need your input in this through prayer. God needs to hear from his children & we need to stand for righteousness! Please pray that we will have wisdom & boldness not only how to talk to the women & what to say, but to minister to their hearts & help save their souls! This is the most important area that we can touch! Thank you so much!

~ Sierra


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  1. flower

    What a wonderful opportunity for you and your church! You’ll still have brothers and sisters in Christ in front of PP, right? Maybe they could participate in a local 40 Days for Life ( prayer campaign — or even get some And Then There Were None ( flyers to hand out to the PP workers? (ATTWN is a ministry founded by a former PP facility manager who turned pro-life, to help abortion workers leave their jobs and find decent work.) You and your church are definitely in my prayers! God bless you! 🙂

    # March 27, 2013

    • sierra - the author of this post.

      Yes, there will still be a large group to go out every week. Our group is big enough now that we can take the two days that no one is outside the clinic and go twice a week!

      I know that I am depended on a lot by one of the older women who is in charge of it, and she is so sad to see me go away for such a long while. Please add her to your prayers, as she is such a sweet person and needs heavy prayer.

      I will mention the two things you suggested to the group. It’s so exciting to be able to have this opportunity and to witness to these young women. There is also a bus stop right on the sidewalk, so we witness often to the people that are waiting of the bus.
      Thank you all for your prayers! They are so very much appreciated! 🙂

      ~ Sierra

      # March 29, 2013