Posted November 22, 2011

From Debi:Several times a week I receive a package in the mail from someone who ask me to read their new book or view their new DVD. Usually I am just too busy to read every book or watch every DVD. The book called Surrender caught my attention because the sub-title is, Pregnant With Cancer. It is written by a young pregnant mom who had life threatening colon cancer. It was interesting to read all the different opinions of the doctors who all meant well. Having read it will cause me to be more careful in just believing what a doctors says even when he says he is sure. He can be wrong and that can mean life or death for you and your baby. You can get a copy by writing [email protected]


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  1. Angel

    Thanks Debi… it sounds very interesting and important…. Going to email for a copy. God’s blessings to you!

    # January 26, 2012