Posted February 24, 2014


I’m 18 years old, soon to be 19, and I need help.  I’ve started courting this guy I’ve known for about a year.  When we first met, it was just a glance and he was a mutual friend.  He sent me a friend request on Facebook sometime in the fall, but I didn’t feel comfortable accepting since I didn’t really know him.  But then, sad to say, on Halloween night, I finally accepted his friend request.  Almost immediately, we started a conversation.

Let me add real quickly that I started the PTBAHM Bible Study last summer.  That was when I really got serious in praying for my future husband, and I said, “If he isn’t a Christian, do whatever it takes to make him realize that he needs You as his Savior.”  Shortly after, he was in a near-death accident and realized that he needed Christ as his Savior.

I’ve been praying during this whole year when I first noticed he might be interested, and apparently he had been too.  Our courtship started last Wednesday, our first “date” was on this last Saturday.  I’m wondering, since God is directing this entire thing, could he be the one for me?  Yet, at the same time, we have differences, such as our clothing, the kind of music we listen to, etc., things that will affect our children if and when the time comes that we might decide to get married.  What do we do about that?

Also, we both aren’t very sure about the whole courting thing.  My mother was raised to believe casual dating was the norm and her mind is constantly changing, so I can’t really go to her.  Also, from what I understand, I think he believes it is “dating with the intentions of a possible marriage”.  Me?  I’m not fully sure yet.  So what is Christian courtship and how should it be done or not done?

Please give me any advice that you may possibly have.  Thank you!


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