Posted September 10, 2012

There is a guy that has been a close friend of mine for several years and a few months ago I’ve started to develop feelings for him. I pray every night for God to take these feelings away so I don’t have to struggle with this anymore but no such luck. We’re really close and he’s a godly man in the making. He keeps asking me if there is anything on my mind cause I’ve been acting strange, but I don’t know what to say. should I tell him the truth? I just want to be myself again and keeping this bottled inside is making it hard for me to do so. I’m not trying to pursue this guy, I just want to be honest with him. Please help! Thanks for your time.


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  1. CJ

    How old are both of you?

    # September 11, 2012

  2. liera

    Agreed with CJ. Knowing how old you are would help. However, in my experience, and the experiences of my sisters, mothers, aunt, cousins, and girl friends, if a man wants you, he is going to let you know. My favorite thing about my husband is that when he wanted me, he let me know, and everyday since he lets me know just how much he wants my company! Either he is shy and does not want to tell you, you are not old enough, or he does not like you. If he is too shy, then I don’t know, is this a trait you want in a husband? Do you want a husband who won’t tell you on a daily basis that he likes you? If you are not old enough to be married, then focus on learning new things and serving God. If you know him not to be timid, and you guys are in your 20s, then maybe he is just not interested, and then I’d move on. Hope you find some fun and some peace =)

    # December 18, 2012