Posted July 2, 2012

Does anyone have advice on how to radically deepen and strengthen my relationship with God???
And also if y’all could give me some examples of when and how y’all do your quiet time. Thanks!!!!


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  1. Serafina

    You can read through books like Colossians and 1st Peter; take Him at His word (Trust in the Lord with all your heart…Pr 3:5, John 14:1); obey Him (“if you love me, you’ll obey my commandments…” John 15:15-17); delight in the Lord (Ps 37:4); rejoice! (Phil.4:4-8)


    I think best in the evenings, so for me that’s a good time to study my Bible. But in the mornings I know I need time to spend praying because “The Lord is my strength and my shield, my heart trusts in Him and I am helped;my heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song.”

    # July 4, 2012

  2. swifttohear

    Memorize the Word. There is nothing more radical to change your relationship with Christ if you do it diligently, every day, and make the Word the most predominant influence in your life. “And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God” (Rom. 12:2).

    Make that verse true of your life. When you know the Word, you know God, and you know the Truth. The more you memorize it, the more it becomes part of who you are, how you speak, and what you want. You become more confident, more passionate, joyful, and peaceful. Most importantly, no one can deceive you.

    When I first began memorizing, I did it while breastfeeding my son. I found that the Word chased away all the imaginations that plagued me, including the worries and cares of this world. When the kids got bigger, I memorized with them, as well as during work-outs (jogging, doing sit-ups, etc.), and right before falling asleep at night. I used to have trouble sleeping, but when I began memorizing, sleep came to me sooner, and nightmares vanished.

    Teri Maxwell has a great book out on this called, “Sweet Journey”.

    Memorizing the Word will also help you to pray, because you will know exactly what God wants to hear, and His will will be your will. I found that memorizing the Psalms helped me frame my prayers, giving God the glory that King David did simply by praying chapters that he wrote.
    I started with Psalm 8, but there are so many good ones! And I used a simple rule of thumb, that if I felt at a loss and didn’t know what to pray, I would pray for others, and focus on remembering the “labourers” among us, whose lives are far tougher than we think.

    Jesus Christ came to sacrifice His life for ours. Sacrificing your time and energy for Him is a no-brainer. 🙂 “present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service” (Rom. 12:1).

    Sorry, one more thing: the King James is the easiest to memorize, even though initially it seems foreign. It will also perfect your grammar and expand your vocabulary. 🙂 🙂

    # July 12, 2012

  3. beth

    For me, the thing that has strengthened my relationship with Christ is time in the Bible.

    I wish I had a daily Bible time, but it is still regular. (Everything about our home is a little erratic.)

    I am NOT a morning person, so I wait until the rest of the family is in bed, and then I sit for a little while and read my Bible. My favorite thing to do is to read an entire epistle in one sitting. (I am a very fast reader.) I underline verses that jump out at me, and if something really pertains to what I am currently going through, I will put the date next to the verse. If I am really struggling, I will read several pages of Psalms instead. While I read, I also pray. Asking God to show me what His will is, or to give me peace, or for anything else that is on my heart at that moment. Often, it is just asking God to help me in whatever I am reading about.

    Something else I like to do is to write prayer letters. I just sit down with notebook paper and write a prayer out to God. I am very discombobulated when I try to communicate verbally, but when I write, my thoughts seem to flow better. Then I tuck the letters away for safekeeping.

    The biggest thing that strengthened my relationship with Christ was just realizing that He wanted a relationship with me and actually cared about ME as an individual. (Okay, maybe I was a little slow, but I was saved for 4 years before I figured that out. :))

    # March 3, 2013