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The Day God Wrecked My Ship Of 25 Years (2 Corinthians 11:25)

I’ll Never Forget It. It Was September 25, 2012 When My Neice Turned Seven Years Old. It Was Also The Seventh Day Of The Feast Of Tabernacle. I Was Driving In My Car Of 25 Years. I Had Driven This “Ship” For 25 Years (Which Is Also 7 (2 + 5)).

Suddenly A Driver Came Speeding Through A Stop Sign And Directly In To The Passenger Side Of My Car. The Car Was Totalled And Glass Was Every Where!

I Had Very Little Money And All My Family Was Down South Celebrating My Neice’s Birthday. I Could Not Financially Afford To Travel. I Had Just Left My Job When That Driver Plunged In To Me.

Why Would God Take My Ship (My Car) When He Knew I Had No Way (Or Money) To Get Around? I’m Diabetic And Had Very Little Food In The Home. Why Was All This Necessary, Lord?

God Told The Apostle Paul That Paul Would Preach Before Rome’s Dictator. While En Route To Rome God Allowed Paul’s Ship To Be Totally Destroyed. Paul Lost Everything Except For God’s Promise. Paul Considered To Stand On God’s Word Despite What Life Brought Against Him (Acts 27:1-44).

God Did Have A Purpose For Paul’s Ship Wreck. God Used Paul To Convert In Habitants On An Island To Jesus Christ. So We Must Always Remember That God Has A Purpose In What Ever He Allows Us To Experience (Acts 28:1-12; Matthew 4:1-11; Hebrews 5:8-10).

I Got Out Of My Wrecked Vehicle With Glass All Over Me. I Had A Very Small Cut On My Wrist. The Police Officer Ensured That I Was Driven Home. I Had Great Conversations With Taxi Drivers During This Time. God Ensured That All My Needs Were Taken Care Of. God Even Led Me To A Decent Used Car. And To Be Totally Honest It Really Was Time For A Different Car!

We Christians Must Learn To Walk In Faith Not In Sight. Our Kingdom Is Above. Our King And Kingdom Is Jesus Christ Who Is God!

Dear Lord May We Never Focus On Life’s Problems Forgetting That You Have Promised To Never Leave Us Nor For Sake Us. We Ask In Jesus’ Name. Amen

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