Posted July 15, 2012

There is a preacher’s wife in my husband’s family, she is 30 years of age, but not such a good person. She has had child services investigate her twice for abuse on her children (I’d say it is more like severe neglect)), and she always is talking Rush Limbaugh kind of stuff. She says how she hates people on welfare, or quotes scripture from the story of Jonah as proof that environmentalist are evil people and disobedient to God for being concerned about cleaning up the Earth. Obviously, using the dying plant Jonah was upset about as proof that “tree huggers” are evil, is distorting the Bible. She says she has trusted Christ to forgive her of her sins and that she repents, but it sure doesn’t seem like it. I was thinking about telling her in a very nice way that she may want to refrain from the hateful comments about poor people and tree huggers while sending her a gift of To Train Up A Child, Created, and some new clothes. I thought that the gifts, with complimenting her on her strengths, but gently telling her that some of these things are hurting their testimony as a preaching family. Is this a bad idea? Should I never tell people their faults? My husband does not like this lady at all, and does not care if I tell her or not, as long as I am nice about it. I feel badly for her because she is to gross, and is a super bad example to unsaved people. I would like to help her, and let her see that what she does is hurtful to herself and her family, but I also do not want to do something that is sinful. Is it sinful to tell her?


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  1. Anna Grace

    No, not at all! The Bible tells us to confront brothers who are sinning and to “speak the truth in love”.

    # July 15, 2012

  2. Beth

    If you do decide to give her a book I would hold off on the To Train Up A Child. Give it to her once she starts to control her anger more. In TTUAC Pearl says that parents who are proned to wait until anger takes over before taking action to dicipline the child/ren should not use his methods. The reason being is when anger takes over the punishment can be overdone. Give her Created but ask her to be patient when reading it and to bear with it. Even if she doesn’t agree with everything in the book maybe she can get something out of it. Tell her it may seem a bit extreme but you think she should read it to get even a few good pointers from it. Once you get her to read it one time maybe it will get her thinking and actually read it again. Don’t push the book and don’t tell her how wonderful it was just tell her there might be a thing or to in it that she might find useful, a different view on marriage. Like I said the object is to get her to read it.

    Once you think she might be getting more control over her anger and hatred then maybe your can give her TTUAC. You don’t want her to use the book as a weapon.

    Try to keep a friendship with her, if you don’t have her trust you probably won’t get anyware. Let us know how it goes. I’m sure we can learn something from you.

    # July 17, 2012