I’v always been worried about what to do or say, when someday (maybe soon) a good Godly Christian guy comes to my father and asks permission for him to court me… what I’m scared about is, what if I don’t want to ever marry him just because I don’t believe some of the same things[…]



What do you all think about wearing makeup? I have many friends who wear makeup but I also have many who don’t, not even to cover up zits or anything. Many girls ask meabout this. I don’t usually wear any or if I do only a little… so??

Okay ladies, I need your help! We are trying to come up with questions for our singles workshops at the upcoming Texas Shindig. I would love some of your questions, thoughts and ideas concerning the subject! Thanks so much!!

My friend has been dating a guy for over a year. They’ve been planning on getting married for some time, and he planned to propose to her on her birthday – which is very soon. However, she met another guy from abroad recently. She’s known him only 10 days, but claims to be really in[…]


Homeschooling Infants

In the chapter about Knowledge, you talked about how you introduced you infants to music, math, ect. I was wondering where you would recommend getting more info on that topic?


Sibling Relations

I’m really bogged down with the relationships in my family; we grew up in a closeknit community and relations with people outside the family were built at the cost of internal bonds. So now we are all on the defensive toward each other; we can’t stand each other;(sorry for the crude language!) there might be[…]

My husband and I have 4 children ages9,6,4, and 8 months. My husband doesn’t want more children right now stating both income and my health as reasons. However, we don’t want to use birth control and I am trying to use NFP, but a bit lost. I started my period after 4 months of breastfeeding.[…]


Child Training

Hi! Ive just started to train my 6 month old the command no. When she wants to touch an object i say ‘no’ whilst simulataneously flicking her hand gently. She is a sweet natured girl but doesnt seem to understand yet. I do it consistently for 30 mins and she still tries to grab the[…]

I know I am a little bit too young to be worried about this (I’m 16) but my problem is that I am always moving around (my dad has a job where he is moved a lot) so I never really get to know a lot of people. How will I ever find a husband[…]

I don’t want our kids to jump ship because we keep them isolated so much.we live in the country far away from friends and family. when we invite guests over they are reluctant to come because we live so far away or they don’t like driving on curvey steep roads, so we have company over[…]