So, this young man recently approached my dad and expressed his interest in marrying me. I barely know this guy (we have been at the same group church events and such maybe three times a year for the past several years), but the little I and my parents have observed has all been good. My[…]

Hi gals, I recently found this awesome website off the link on the NGJ website, and have been greatly enjoying it! I’ve lost count of the times I’ve read Debi’s awesome Preparing book, and it’s really helped me see areas I needed to grow in. Anyway, I have this question that’s been bugging me for a[…]


Competition and Guys

Hello ladies! Only in recent years have I realized that men do not appreciate the competing attitude in women (thanks to the feminist movement, they really can never win “fairly”), and I’ve had to be very sensitive about this because I came from that fleshy attitude. However, I’m wondering, how far do you take this?[…]


Lighthearted V. Silly

I’m wondering how much lightheartedness is silliness.  I’m generally a very outgoing, bouncy, lighthearted person.  I’ve been told by one of the girls in my group  (who is pretty much a perfect Victorian model child … but never seems to have much fun and is still unmarried at almost 30) that I am silly and[…]

Hi, I’m a 21 yr. old young lady praying for the right man to come, and that it be in God’s timing.  I’m not impatient (or trying not to be, anyway!), but one question I have is how do you let a guy know that you like him and are interested in him without coming[…]

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Am I Flirting or Not?

Hi! I’m an outgoing girl, and i only grew up with guys which is why I’m very comfortable around them. When I was younger I only wanted to hang out with guys , and thankfully that changed. But I’m still comfortable around guys and talk with them (not privately just when we are in groups)[…]

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When the Ministry is Exhausting & You’re Getting Discouraged?

Hi Ladies, I recently read Preparing & loved it. But right now I don’t know what to do.  My life is given over to the ministry & the responsibilities laid on me are enormous.  They take all my time & energy, leaving me no time to run my business.  And right now, I’m basically living[…]

I am 17 years old and I have never been in a relationship and I will probably not be pursuing one anytime soon. But, here is my problem….. My mom and dad both have told me a couple of times that I tend to come off  kind of up-tight or like I am above people[…]


I Am Stuck…

Hi ladies, I need some advice. I posted a while ago that I was concerned I was too smart for guys and that it may put them ‘off.’ I got lots of great tips, so…  thank you! I haven’t had a boyfriend so far, am 23 years old, and somehow I have this wifey/motherly nature[…]


Awful Proposal

I’m absolutely devastated by the way my fiancé proposed to me. There are many factors for why so I won’t even go there, I just want to know how I can get over it. I’m sooooo grateful for my man but having this ugly ring on my hand is a constant reminder. I’m usually fine[…]