There is a family that goes to our church that has 8 young men. The four oldest are married. I’d just begun college after being homeschooled through high school when we started attending this church. I started out a little boy crazy in college, since I’d ha hardly any interaction with them since I was[…]

What attitudes in a guy attract you to him vs. what attitudes make you want to stay away from him? Be honest, I want to hear your thoughts!

A very long story short, I was introduced to a Christian guy a few months ago. We saw each other a couple of times at get-togethers with friends, and I’m still in that stage of ‘could be interested but being very cautious’ (I was in a serious relationship that ended in February, and don’t want[…]

I was just wondering what other single older girls thought of the articles by Shalom in the last couple issues of NGJ I just had a few thoughts/comments. I must say I was a little upset when I read Shalom’s 1st article:) I was like ” This is soo discouraging!” But after reading the follow[…]