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Hi, ladies! So you’ve all known me as swifttohear, but I am Paige Coleman and I’ve recently joined Facebook and twitter in order to get the word out about my book (“Delivering Women from the Snares of Death“).  The thing is, I’m such a “newbie” that I feel completely out of my league when it[…]

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Searching the Bible

Hi there!  I am working on listing my convictions, and sometimes I want to search an issue out in the Bible.  The problem is, sometimes I don’t even know where to start or look to thoroughly search out the issues.  I was just wondering if anyone had some helpful tips or techniques they used to help[…]

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Book Questions

I’m wondering as you read through “Preparing to be his help meet” if it has topical questions at the end of each chapter as “Created to be his help meet” had? Does the ebook have the teacher guide included? Every copy includes the study guide? Even spanish versions?

Hi, I really have a difficult time sitting down and studying my Bible.  I am in college (commuting from my parents’ home) and I am very, very busy! Also, it is extremely difficult to find privacy in my house (we have a big family), and I cannot seem to open my heart and mind to[…]