I’m not a good talker, and I’m afraid to make a mistake so I ask myself questions to help myself. What kind of questions can serve me if I want to start a relationship with someone? (Questions for me to answer, of what I think about this or that.)

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Being ‘in Love’ Article

I found this article, “Always Ravished With Love” and wondered if anyone had any thoughts.   Its written by Glenn Conjurske and he sounds pretty right on- in accordance to the bible, as well as Debi’s biblical stance. He talks about what being in love is and what we do to secure a life long, lasting[…]

Okay, ladies! Is it ever right to show a guy (who is eligibly single, of course!) that you admire him? If so, when is it permissible and what is an appropriate way to do this?  

Hi my name is Jana and im 16 years old. About six months ago I met this guy who started to come to my church. He became very close friends with my family, coming over several times a week and I started to care for him alot. He told us his testimony about how before[…]


Is Joking/picking O.k.?

Is it inappropriate to joke with guys? This is confusing because not only is this a big part of my personality, it is also one of those special things in my relationship with my dad. Some people say if you pick on someone they will not take you seriously. What do guys think about this?[…]

About two years ago my family’s heater broke so we hired someone from a local heating and air service to come out and fix it. A young man came out for the call and ended up asking my mom if we were homeschooled.  This lead to a conversation about his family, how he had seven[…]

I have several friends whom are boys. I try to make sure all our conversations are chaste, discreet and pleasing to The Lord. One of them recently complained to me about how he was recently “outshone” by people “less talented than him” and well, he didn’t specifically ask for advice, but I gave it to[…]