I recently started going to a Christian college and have met many wonderful guys. I wouldn’t consider any of them to be prospects since we are heading different directions, but I would love to just be friends. Many opportunities have presented themselves for me to study with these guys for different classes or to hang[…]

I am wondering if hugging girls is always a stumbling block to young men. I’ve heard that it is, but recently a young man told me that it all depends on the individual guy, and he said that even full frontal hugs don’t bother him. I have a really hard time believing that. I like[…]

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Cultivating Friendship

At 23 years of age, I am in a relationship with a Christian man with whom I have been acquainted for a year. We realize the importance of basing our relationship on sound communication and friendship. May I hear some stories of how you developed these before and after marriage?

Hi!  I’ll try to word this so it makes sense. I have been friends with this one guy since we were really little, and I think we always liked each other. We told each other once when we were little that we liked each other, but we never held hands or hugged or anything-just focused[…]

Is romance in dating a sin?


Holding Hands…

hey everyone, I am setting guidelines for my courting relationship and I was wondering what y’all’s opinions are about holding hands before youre married… Could you give me a biblical reason on why it is either right or wrong?? I would like to hold hands with my boyfriend and be able to just hold hands[…]

I’m a 28 year old man who’s had a very tough time trying to find a Godly spouse. I’ve been praying and looking for some time now. I love my Baptist church dearly but out of 700 people, there’s only 4 eligible women, none of which seem to be good candidates. I don’t want to go “church[…]


Is This My Future Husband?

what to do when there is a man interested in you, and you hung out for a while and he believes its Gods will and you prayed about it and you just don’t get a heart of love for him. i know i had a love once for him but i know that i lost[…]



What are your thoughts on kissing before marriage? What if you know that the man you are courting is the man you are going to marry, do you believe it is ok to kiss?


How to Guard My Heart??

I am eighteen years old, the oldest of eight. Until I was sixteen I was very committed to saving my heart and purity for marriage, and when the time was right, a godly young man would potentially approach my father and I would court-with the intention of marriage. in the last two years I strayed[…]