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Should I or Shouldn’t I Court Him and How?

Hello, I’m 18 years old, soon to be 19, and I need help.  I’ve started courting this guy I’ve known for about a year.  When we first met, it was just a glance and he was a mutual friend.  He sent me a friend request on Facebook sometime in the fall, but I didn’t feel[…]

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Relationships Away from Home

Thanks for taking the time to consider my inquiry regarding Godly approaches to male-female relationships within atypical scenarios. I’m nearly 23 and live far from my parents, so am responsible for all daily decisions. This independence is the result of limited familial ability to provide for extra daughters. My parents directed me to seek employment elsewhere. Since[…]

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How Good is Good Enough for a Potential Man?

I’ve been looking around for Christian young men for some time and I noticed that most of them did things I did not like: They played (too much) video games or they kept using profane language or they kept switching girlfriends or they were very flirty with everyone or seemed to be lazy in general[…]

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How Does Submisive Wife Translate for a Girlfriend

My son is in a relationship with a young lady who grew up in a single parent home with no father figure.  She appears to be controlling everything even trying to make decisions for him. How does the role of submissive wife translate for the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship especially if they are talking about a potential[…]

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Totally Confused

so, there’s this guy that I really like, and I feel like he might be the one. ive really been praying about and for him. some of my friends who know him say he really likes me back. they also think I should tell him that I like him….. im just not sure…… I mean[…]

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Questions to Ask Your Future Husband?

Hello all 🙂 About a month ago someone had asked my dad for permission to court me. I was shocked! This person was so strong in faith and I was dumbfounded that he would ask for me.  I knew many girls that longed for him to ask for them and I just felt so honoured. When[…]

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He’s Nice, but Should That Be a Determining Point?

Hello Ladies!  I have a question to ask of you all and would greatly appreciate your input, advice, and experience. I apologize in advance, I’ve been running around with these thoughts in my head for so long they might just spill out extremely vague and slightly confusing, but I’ll do my best to iron it[…]

I am a discouraged 22 yr. old. Where I live in the Midwest, there seem to be very, very few young men who are even Christians. There are so few youth in the local churches and the church we go to now has no young people; the majority are over 50. I could probably count[…]

Hey this is for all of the married ladies here.  I thought it would be fun to share our stories of how God brought us to our husbands.  I’ll start with mine. I was 17 when I received an e-mail from a nice young man asking me to design a website for him.  I had[…]


God May Forget Me?

Hi Debi I am reading your book on Preparing to Be a Help Meet and gained completely new insight. According to the guidelines in your book I realize that I am not READY yet even though I will turn 40 this year. Meanwhile I can’t see any sign of any male who is interested in me. I go[…]