Does anyone have ideas for how to encourage/teach brothers to use good table manners? I’m not talking about which fork to use first or the proper way to unfold a cloth napkin, but just basic stuff like not burping at the table, or not eating half a hamburger in one bite. ┬áMy older brother is[…]

What are healthy ways to fall in love with Christ alone? Some suggest going on a date once a week with Christ. Why do holiday pressures scare Christians and create so much stress? Shouldn’t we enjoy the fellowship with the people?? The “created” blog wasn’t working on my computer. For the unmarried, try your hardest[…]

Help! I am a rather disorganized individual. I’ve tried systems for keeping organized, but it seems like the best thing for me to do is just make new habits (vs. card systems, daily checklists, etc.). I know this can be done because I’ve trained myself to wash a dish after I use it, and also[…]


Men’s Food Preferences?

I ‘ve got some questions about men’s (in general) food preferences. Do most guys you know dislike leftovers? My Dad doesn’t really like them (usually we make him something fresh) and I’m wondering how important it is to learn to make very portion specific meals. I come from a large family so I haven’t really[…]