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What is a Cheap Way to Eat Good, Healthy Food?

I just moved from Illinois to Massachusetts, I’m sharing a apartment with my brother and another co worker. I don’t have much money to buy organic foods with. I really have to budget. My question is ” what is a cheap way to eat and cook healthy foods?

I’m looking for books on learning herbal medicine that is either from a Christian view point or that at least doesn’t teach Eastern/witchcraft healing.



Hi everyone! I’m so glad the Preparing site is back! (By the way, on the old site I was “Kat” – had to change my username on the new site.) I was recently accepted into an allied health career program in college and thus have to get several immunizations in order to participate in labs[…]


Men’s Food Preferences?

I ‘ve got some questions about men’s (in general) food preferences. Do most guys you know dislike leftovers? My Dad doesn’t really like them (usually we make him something fresh) and I’m wondering how important it is to learn to make very portion specific meals. I come from a large family so I haven’t really[…]