What Kind of Girl Am I ?

Hi, Is it possible to be a servant girl and to be an go-to-gal ? I love helping others and I don’t mind sitting back and letting others take the leadership. However I do have a stubborn streak, and can at times have a contentious spirit. I have to work on having a meek and[…]

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How to Prepare to Marry a Command Man

Hi there, I am a servant girl with a tad bit of visionary. I am looking for ways that I can prepare to marry a kingly man. I could use any suggestions. Thanks!!

My husband and I have been married for 8 years. He is definitely a visionary with some steady. Though we have a good marriage, I have felt like ever since we got married, he’s been trying to change me. When we first married I had looong hair and only wore skirts/dresses. Six months later he[…]

So I’m getting married to my best friend next year. I want a small, evening wedding with just his immediate family and mine at the ceremony (that will total 25) with a potluck/informal style meal for our friends and wider family circle afterwards. However, my mother-in-law-to-be is really pushing hard for a large wedding in[…]

Hi friends! I am writing because I need honest to goodness, godly counsel. My sweet daughter is getting married in four short days & I cannot stop weeping. If you are waiting for an obvious clue to as why I can’t help you. I adore my future son in law, everyone loves each other. Their[…]


Biblical Engagement

Hi! I wanted to ask you about an issue that isn’t really vital for me, but I don’t really know how to approach it. Several months ago I started attending some volleyball meetings with a lot of Christian young people in our town. These meetings had a missionary purpose, also, unbelievers were invited to chirch[…]



I have been a christian since the age of Sixteen and now twenty seven years, it has been four years since i have not been in a relationship and and neither been in any type of sexual encounter but some people keep telling me that the reason why am not getting a boyfriend or even[…]

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How Do I Wait and Honour the Lord Through My Waiting?

Hi there! To make a long story short, for the past few months God showed me clearly the boy He wants me to marry to. We talked about it and he is sure that i am the girl for him too. Fact is, I am 18 and still a high-schooler, and he is 24, having[…]

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Has Anyone Read “fascinating Womanhood?”

I’m wondering, has anyone read “Fascinating Womanhood” be Helen Andelin, and what did you think of it? It has many of the same Biblical trues as Debi Pearl’s book, in that you must be in submission to your husband, ¬†however, it was written by a Mormon.

  My husband is a visionary/steady. He is always changing the rules and his preferences. He is especially affected by whomever we are spending the most time with. When we first married, I only wore skirts.¬† 6 months after he told me to start wearing pants. He was into bicycle racing and wanted me to[…]