¿Es malo si una mujer no se quiere casar? ¿Qué pasa si su meta es el ayudar a otras personas, para lo cual decide no casarse? Is it wrong if a woman does not want to marry? What if your goal is to help other people, for which decides not to marry?

I am not even sure how to put this out there but I feel I have NO ONE to talk to so here goes. I have the same convictions as your ministry talks about….I believe Gods Word! I however feel like I am not very pleasing to my husband unless I drink with him, eat[…]

In only a few months I will be marrying my wonderful and godly fiancé.  I have a question though that’s been bothering me regarding “feelings” of “being in love” and affection.  I’ve been reading and studying some on the role of hormones in our body that happen when you are in love, look in each[…]

Is it wrong to not want to marry? What if a woman decides not to marry to serve in other areas? Is it wrong for a woman to have this mentality?

I am hoping to be getting married in a year , and I have been thinking about birth control. I found out a lot of bad things about the pill both morally and hormonally for the women. So I’ve been researching  the natural family planning method. were women track their ovulation. I was wonder if any married ladies use this method of[…]


Different Calling

I am engaged to a wonderful man who feels God is calling him to serve hispanic people in the Dominican Republic as a full time missionary. I however dont feel that call on my life God hasnt placed that burden on my heart. We have talked about it and it seems we are at a[…]

How do I submit to a husband who is on probation and is not allowed to leave the state without permission by law for a few years? I mean…..if I act as “pretty lady” and kind talking to him he gives me gifts (from gambling to regular employment) and is kind towards wife.  Husband slipped[…]

So married ladies I would like to know what you regret you didn’t do while single and in/about your dating/courtship/engagement and marriage?   Like did you not learn this or that that would’ve helped you?  Or do you feel bad you didn’t/did something in you courtship/dating/engagement/marriage time? Thanks! -FaithGrubb


I Am a Chinese Girl

My name is Monica. I am a Chinese girl. This year 30 years old. Single.Very sad, worry, depression.Because, in China 30 years have not yet married, is to be a joke.Read Debi Pearl’s book. Change a lot. Know a lot. Thank God! Thanks to Debi pearl. When NGJ to come to China? Here there are[…]

Hello everybody, I am writing because i want to understand what is Gods will on an issue i have in my marriage. I am a born again lady married to a not born again man. I was in another relationship before and we separated but left with a daughter, like wise my hubby was in a[…]