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Weekly Study Chapter 6

Three Types of Women: Hey Ya’ll! As we move into chapter 6 each of you should look up the word “Example” in the dictionary and do a Word search in your Bible. Then let’s talk about what YOU think it means. I did some of the Bible searches and it was really cool to see[…]

Hello Everyone, We experienced our first database crash this week! Our web developer was out of town and was not able to repair it until today. We apologize for the downtime and any inconvenience it may have caused. Everything should be working again – if it is not please post a comment below to let[…]

Dear Preparing ladies, Starting February 5th we will be hosting a Preparing To Be A Help Meet Weekly Study, right here on this website! Each week I will post the chapter we are reading and word studies from the Bible for that week. Those of you who would like to study with us can comment[…]

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Now You Can Post Your Testimony!

We have added a new Testimonies section to our site! This is a place for you to post your life story or love story and inspire others to be good help meets. Help Us! Help us jump-start this new section by sharing about your experiences, even if it’s just one paragraph. Click the Testimonies button[…]

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If You Want to Marry Me, Here’s What You’ll Have to Do.

(The following was contributed by Natasha from Minnesota.) Hi there. Just reading PTBHM with my daughter… wonderful book! My daughter came across a poem this morning you might have seen by Shel Silverstein. My Rules by Shel Silverstein If you want to marry me, here’s what you’ll have to do. You must learn how to[…]

We are pleased to announce that the highly anticipated companion site for the book, Preparing To Be A Help Meet, is going online on August 1, 2010. Continue reading