The “Preparing” Book

Hi! I’m 23 years old and Some time ago I am praying for my future husband, waiting on God’s plan for my life, but for a while I have feelings for a boy, he is a Christian and is a good boy, but he is praying with another girl, I feel very bad about it and[…]

Dear Debi, I understand that God told you who you were to marry when you were quite young. I find this very interesting but more so that Mike never knew for a long time. This I believe, is my situation! I am 22, a virgin, and never dated, but over sometime God has shown me[…]

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What is the Best Thing to Do at 14?

Hi!, I am 14 years old and trying to know everything I can to some day becoming a good adult and was wondering if anyone could give some advice?. -Farmgirl

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Age Reccomendation

If I wanted to do a group study of the Preparing to be a Helpmeet, what age would you recommend starting at?   Thanks

I came across the statement in the “Preparing” book that say to servant type girls to “get a purpose bigger than you, homeschooling, and even family”. I don’t quite understand what that means. Can anyone elaborate on that statement?