Help the Persecuted??

Hi sisters in Christ! I’m new to this website, and absolutely love it!! I wanted to share with everyone about a fellow sister in Christ named Asia Bibi who was put in prison for being a Christian. You can read her story at Please visit the website, sign the petition there to free her, pray[…]

My name is Elise, and I am hoping someone can help me a little. (or a lot; ) ) I just want to get a little feed back on this: How can I please my Dad, mom and brothers and sisters concerning the area of style and dress and other such related things.   One[…]

I am a 24-year-old student , i have a boy friend . Strangely my thoughts are all about marriage and having a family , all of a sudden . I’ve never had such feelings before . It still takes times from both of us to get married , but i am having such cravings to[…]

This article came across my computer recently. “I’m sure that most of them are under the impression that the church’s view on this has been the same down all of the generations. That the church has always taught ‘True Love Waits’, even back in the days when it was written in Latin on purity rings:[…]


Stay at Home Daughters?

I always used to be of the camp that a single girl should stay home and help her family.  Lately though I’ve been questioning that idea–I feel like maybe it’s not enough for me to be home, that I should be involved in an organized ministry, I should be out paying my own rent, taking chargeof[…]


Respect for Husbands

This isn’t a question but a story I want to share about my own marriage that I think could serve as a warning for wives-to-be. Below is a link to my blog which tells the story of God’s grace in sparing my son when my disrespect for my husband could have cost him his life.[…]

I walked past a basketball court the other day with a bunch of teenage guys in it playing ball. I was trying to guard my heart and my thoughts but it was really hard! I feel sometimes that I’m not worthy for them to notice me, maybe because I’m not pretty enough or because I’m[…]