Hi Ladies! I was hoping for some really straightforward, direct counsel from some of you. I can take reproof. I just have some questions I really want answers to, even if you aren’t 100% sure on your answers. I am not officially looking for a guy right now, but probably will be by next year.[…]



For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here is a new way of reaching the lost with the free online Good and Evil book. http://imissionaries.org/

There’s this leader in a Christian club on campus who’s really passionate about Jesus and witnessing to others, but he often gets stuck and can’t figure out what to say, and I often feel (and suppress) the urge to jump in and take the conversation over.  Often, when he’s referencing a particular passage of scripture,[…]

I’m attending a very liberal college, but there are two Christian clubs on campus (CRU and a small, local group), and I’m in the middle of starting a pro-life club.  The president of the local club is a passionate, Christian young man, and he loves witnessing to nonbelievers.  However, he has difficulty explaining his points[…]


Prayer Request

Hi, my name is Sierra & I am 17. I am involved in a side-walk pro-life ministry on Friday mornings with a group from our church. We drive about an hour & a half every Friday morning to hand out pro-life booklets that shows the stage of the baby’s life as it develops in the[…]