Posted December 6, 2012

I walked past a basketball court the other day with a bunch of teenage guys in it playing ball. I was trying to guard my heart and my thoughts but it was really hard! I feel sometimes that I’m not worthy for them to notice me, maybe because I’m not pretty enough or because I’m not nice enough. I don’t know how I can’t be aware and how I can’t feel the rejection that I feel. Can you help? How can I stop those feelings? And how can I not notice every guy that I see?


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  1. blackwhitedenim

    How old are you? I had a hard time with this in my mid-teens (funny you mentioned a basketball court, that’s where a lot of it happened).

    I’m old enough that if I meet a nice guy my age, he could be married. That totally takes away any excitement, so now if I see a guy it’s like, “Eh… he’s probably taken.” And I get on my merry way. Also now that I’m older I have to deal with a lot more married men. This forces me to relate to them as I would a brother, uncle, cousin, or other off-limits person, even if they are my age. It’s become second nature to treat all guys like that.

    # December 6, 2012

  2. faithgrubb9a2faithgirl

    Oh Julia! I know the feeling but ya, how old are you would be part of the answer.

    I would say get in the word, fill yourself with God and he will fill that void, until he brings you that guy.

    But I like, blackwhitedenim, run into married guys more now and I’m just 20! But everyone older than me are usually taken.

    And what I did in my teens was to pray for my future love, right as i was tempted, so when you pass the court. And then pray for those guys and their wives, that they would raise up God fearing children for our future!

    Faith Grubb

    # December 6, 2012

    • misscountrygal

      Yes, I love the idea of praying for your future husband every time you’re tempted!

      # December 13, 2012

  3. daddysgirl

    Well those feelings of wanting a guy to notice are natural, and God given…its what you do with those feelings that matter.
    And yes, is hard not to think “Is he the one???” when you see a guy. Just remember: Its unlikely you’ll marry one of those guys on the bb court…they probably have a future wife somewhere, and you may have a future husband! My sis tells me to act like my future husb can see me ineract with my guy friends all the time. Would i talk like that? Think like that? Would i touch them that way in front of my husband?
    Hope that helps you!

    # December 7, 2012