Weekly Study Chapter 7

I know this hasn’t exactly been a “weekly study” but I hope you are all learning stuff and enjoying it. I will do my best to start posting every week, but the summertime is always so busy!

Preparing study Chapter 7


Well by now I’m sure you have all read this chapter on knowledge hopefully you are diving into all sorts of new learning experiences! There are so many things out there to do and study, life should never become dull!

Like we read in the chapter, it is our job to start learning things and preparing for  more responsible situations in life. No one can do that for us! The book gives a couple examples of things you can do or things to study up on, but you can’t just read the paragraph in preparing and stop there, you have to get out and get books on the topic or find families in your church or community that could use your help in certain areas, like watching kids or helping kids with school, or cooking a meal, or helping a mom out for a day doing random things she can’t seem to find the time to do. You could also go visit with someone in your church or community who knows  about herbs, sewing, canning, or anything else you can think of!

Now for discussion on here, I would love for you to post one practical thing you have studied, that you can share your knowledge of, and one practical thing you have not studied that you would like to in order to make yourself a better helpmeet.


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  1. Caralee

    Hello Kirsten! It is nice to meet you!

    Well, I have studied up on homeschooling. What I would like to share with you all is…first, do a study on the words teach, train, children, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom (amongst other educational related words) in the Bible. This will give you a basis as to how to educate/train your children Biblically. Secondly, when your children are little and you have time, read and learn all you can about homeschooling. Every time a question comes up in your mind about a different issue or idea regarding homeschooling, do a search on that via online or your library. I did this for 3 full years before I actually started homeschooling, and it really helped me to know what type of education my husband and I wanted to give to our children. Also, I avoided a lot of the hit and miss type of education that can happen alot when homeschooling.

    Something I would like to know to be a better help meet is how to preserve food.


    # August 12, 2011

  2. Bethany

    Tools! My dad has a shop full of tools and I am just getting my feet wet. I’m pretty good with a screwdriver if I do say so myself… learning now to use the drill press, grinder, and socket wrenches.

    One thing I’d like to learn more about is fixing cars. Now that I have car and no money (guess why- haha) that is my new project. Right now the transmisson slips and it squeaks like an angry gerbil on a treadmill. Looking forward to using a grease gun! I paid $10 for a repair manual. Hopefully between that and my dad’s know-how and the internet I can save a lot of $$$- now and in the future.

    # August 13, 2011

    • Kathryn

      ditto to the tools! My dad has a woodworking shop,( he’s a great craftsman!) and he’s shown me the rudiments… would like to know more though!

      # August 15, 2011

  3. Kait

    This was one of my favorite chapters!

    I am taking my gardening a step farther by learning to save my seeds from year to year and doing some plant breeding experiments with different varieties, as well as growing and learning to use many of the less common medicinal herbs.

    On the top of my list of new things to learn is driving, changing tires, changing oil, and all that boring vehicle related stuff – I prefer to ride my horse!

    # August 15, 2011

  4. Kathryn

    I’ve researched homeschooling/childtraining/ marriage and all that…those kind of books are sorta my “fun time” since I look forward so much to having my own family 🙂 , sometimes I wonder though if I really absorb all of this, or is it just “head knowledge”, where you know it but you don’t KNOW it.
    I’d like to be a better musician…

    # August 15, 2011

  5. heather

    i am a newbbie at the nogreaterjoy community thanks to the interview with anderson cooper. so that interview has changed my way into how can i serve my husband with a happy heart. so i cant stop reading and learning from this wonderful example of how we can have joyful peaceful happy home look forward to getting the book on help meet this is the perfect example for someone that had no example at all of what a mother and wife should be if any one has any advise feel free to send it to me

    # December 3, 2011

  6. Caralee

    I was wondering….will this study be continuing?

    # January 10, 2012