Posted November 1, 2013

Hi, well I’m from Latin America so I don’t have a very good english.. I have been talking with a guy lately, he is a christian but he is from another city of my country, so we only talk by facebook, but I have seen him before, my friends of my church said that he is a good guy, and I have noticed that he is interested in me and also that he is really interested in God,  I will see him in a conference in a week, I’m not in love with him, but maybe I have to give him a chance.. but I also have a problem, some months ago I was praying with a guy from my church to marry but his mother didn’t want us to marry (we don’t know the reason, nobody know, she just don’t want that his little boy marry) well she did his life impossible, so he decided to end our waiting even when he was still in love with me, because nothing get better, but I still love him, the wife of my youth leader think that maybe it wasn’t just our time, but I don’t know if I have just to forget that and give a chance to meet this other guy, or be still waiting for him.. I have pray for all this but I can’t forget him and I can’t make a decision either so I have been asking for some pieces of advice


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