Posted December 8, 2014

Hi everyone!!

I have a question that I was hoping y’all could help me sort through. First off, let me tell ya a little about myself. I am a twenty-year old homeschool graduate. I recently have gotten a job as a cashier at Publix, the grocery store. It has been fun, but I’ve been working long hours and it is not a set schedule so I’m kinda up in the air about when I work week to week. That is frustrating because I have Bible studies and church band practice that I don’t know if I can make each week. My dream is not to be a cashier my whole life. I truly want to be a wife and mama. But with working so much, it’s been tough trying to improve my homemaking skills. So I guess my “question” is, is it ok to keep at this job where I get paid well, but feel away from home? Or what should I do? I’m not in any debt, but I still need money to maintain my car and other expensives. I’m confused about what I should do??

Any ideas/words of wisdom/comments would be REALLY appreciated!!

Thank you!



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  1. 1butterflykisses

    Have you tried asking for certain times of the day or week off? They may not be able to give you all the time you would need, so you may have to miss some of your studies or practices.

    # December 10, 2014