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More Than Obedience?

Should I expect her do more than what she is commanded? Isn’t that asking too much?

Read Article February 2005

Safeguarding Your Children

Dad’s reaction and openness about sin, and God’s hatred of sin gave us assurance in dealing with the world when Dad wasn’t around.

Read Article August 2003

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

You Ask, Michael Answers

Read Article April 2006
Benjamin and Haley

From Benjamin

The more I travel and meet people the more I see that I was really blessed in my home life. My parents loved each other, instilled in us self-discipline and homeschooled us right-on. I have no fear of failing and no regrets.

Read Article April 2016
Two-Front War on Christianity

Two-Front War on Christianity

The Supreme Court is in full stride, not only making sin legal, but requiring the Christians of America to acquiesce to their depraved worldview.

Read Article August 2015
Family Proverbs Time

Family Proverbs Time

Wisdom is the principle thing. Start your own Family Proverbs Time!

Read Article December 2013
3,000-Year-Old Child Training Book Discovered

3,000-Year-Old Child Training Book Discovered

Proverbs is the best child training book ever written.

Read Article October 2013
A Wise, Happy Father in Law

A Wise, Happy Father-in-Law

Your children need “hope” possibilities.

Read Article August 2013

The Balanced Patriarch

The amount of mail we have received in response to the former articles on the Cloistered Homeschool Movement has been phenomenal.

Read Article February 2009

The Salvation of Children

My kids are 6 and 8 years old and are not saved. How do I explain the plan of salvation without “scaring” them into a false sense of security?

Read Article August 2007

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