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Beautiful picture of a beautiful and happy family of nine

Cloistered Fruit

What, then, can a woman in this situation do to restore her marriage and win her husband’s heart? Become lovely and useful. Men are interested in more than physical intimacy.

Read Article October 2010

Serious As a Heart Attack

I’m alive! There was a time there in February that I thought I had written my last article and taught my last Bible study. I have heard the “funny” expression “serious as a heart attack” and passed it off as just a figure of speech, but never again.

Read Article April 2008

We Went West and Came Back Rejoicing

Everywhere we went it felt like a reunion. We met so many absolutely delightful Saints of God.

Read Article October 2004

The Challenge

There was a time when somewhere in every large city there was a dirty building, dimly lit, tucked back where decent folks would never go. Nearby was a liquor store and a cheap motel that rented rooms by the hour.

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Summertime at the Pearls’ (Once More)

Well, it’s summertime again at Cane Creek. Shalom and Shoshanna each have their outside work to do and plenty of chores at home. But there is always time for fun, especially now that we have the Russian orphans back with us for the summer.

Read Article April 2002

Church or Children?

…I’m planning on homeschooling and am wondering if you had a “rule of thumb” as to how involved you were in your church when you were homeschooling and also having small children…

Read Article June 1999

Coming Out

As we choose our school, church, occupation, and neighbors, let us not become like the Pharisee who, seeking to justify himself, said, “Who is my neighbor?”

Read Article February 1996

Excerpt #2 from Training Children to be Strong in Spirit

Leaders and followers Society is composed of leaders and followers. It cannot be otherwise. Followers are essential to the overall good of society. Every engine needs a coal car and a caboose, as every visionary and entrepreneur needs capable men … Read more

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In Defense of Boys—Again

You are not alone. We have received several letters from confused readers. However, for every confused reader there were ten who found solace in knowing their boys didn’t have a Hyper Horrible disorder.

Read Article July 1997

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