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Missionary Families to the Philippines and Ukraine

Obeying God’s Command

It will never say, I can’t go, Lord, I don’t know the language, it would cost too much, my family could not hold up, I don’t have a gift for speaking…It is the perfect missionary.

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Man and woman's hands lying on top of their marriage contract with yellow roses

Holy Matrimony

Most of my readers will agree that holy matrimony is not the product of the state, but few understand that it is likewise not the product of the church.

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Do all believers have the authority to rebuke evil spirits?

Do all believers have the authority to rebuke evil spirits?

Watch Video July 2010
Why Are My Teens Rebellious?

Why Are My Teens Rebellious?

Why did this happen? Why do some young adults manifest disrespect and dishonor? How can a parent do everything right and still suffer rebellion in their teenagers?

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Dealing with Slick Liars

What do you do when you learn that one of your sweet little ones is an outright liar?

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Woman who wants her own way

To Obey Is Better

I was a bratty newlywed. As a new believer I loved God’s WORD and praying and everything to do with God—except honoring my husband.

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Why Would God Allow This To Happen?

My grief washed over me like a tidal wave.

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Influencing Free Choice

How do we as fathers influence our children’s free will to make a choice to love God?

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Working Character into Your Children, Part 2

What does the Bible say about working? Working is godly for God works. The Bible starts off in the second chapter of Genesis telling us about God resting from his work.

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More Than Obedience?

Should I expect her do more than what she is commanded? Isn’t that asking too much?

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