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James & Shoshanna

Becoming His Kind of Woman

My Dad was not the type of guy to check with you before he made a decision. We would be driving down the road when all of a sudden he would pull in to a restaurant and say, “Let’s eat!” as he was getting out of the car…

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Becoming A Man – Part 5

Some people will always be poor. However, this is only one of the problems brought on by laziness.

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Becoming A Man – Part 4

Slothfulness leads to a miserable life. Parents, raise them to work.

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Becoming A Man – Part 3

So your parents messed you up. Make a man of yourself.

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Becoming A Man – Part 2

Why do some grow up men and others grow up wimps? Teach your boys to be men.

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Becoming A Man – Part 1

Transcription Announcer:  What makes a real man? Is he willing to suffer the pain of work? Michael Pearl:  All right. We’re going to talk about what it means to be a man. Now, you girls say, “Well, that won’t apply … Read more

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Becoming a Bear

Not much scares me. I’m a young man, strong, fast, sharp, on the edge. I’ve hunted crocodiles out of dugout canoes in piranha-infested waters in the middle of the night.

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Rotten Rabbits

From my female perspective, men are a different race, very difficult for us more emotionally balanced females to understand. To prove this statement, I would like to bring to your attention one very irritating male quirk: they readily become obsessed … Read more

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