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Herb Lesson – Ginger

GINGER Botanical Information Latin name: Zingiber Officionale Interesting Facts! Ginger was given its official botanical name, Zingiber officinale, by the famous eighteenth-century Swedish botanist, Linnaeus. Linnaeus derived the genus title Zingiber from its Indian Sanskrit name singabera which means shaped … Read more

Read Article December 2006

The Tea of Life

I’ve rediscovered green tea and a wealth of information about it’s health benefits, particulars of it’s preparation, and the various qualities available.

Read Article April 2005


…one day, just when it seemed that God didn’t want me to be married any time in the next 20 years, I received an e-mail from my mom. She wrote about a young lady that she and my sisters had met who was absolutley phenomenal. Her name was Kelsie…

Read Article June 2004

Herbs: Spiced for Life

Some of the most important herbs are also spices. Ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, and clove are four popular culinary spices that are also highly regarded in the herbal field.

Read Article August 2001

Preventive Training

Dear Pearls,
Our 9-year-old son (the oldest of 5) wakes up wanting to do only what he wants, no chores. He drags through work and often does an incomplete job. He pouts and throws ‘mini’ fits, which includes sunken shoulders, stomping off, etc.

Read Article December 1999

In Defense of Boys—Again

You are not alone. We have received several letters from confused readers. However, for every confused reader there were ten who found solace in knowing their boys didn’t have a Hyper Horrible disorder.

Read Article July 1997

Sunday School at Cane Creek

Five to seven year old boys are like the rain, they are seldom convenient.

Read Article July 1996

Homeschooler Obeys the Great Commission

I want to introduce you to another homeschooler, T. J. Slayman.

Read Article July 1995

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