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2011 NGJ Calendar Herb Lessons Bible Coloring Book

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Revelation (partial) – FREE Audio Download

This is audio from Michael Pearl’s teaching series on the book of Revelation, taught during the Winter months of 2006-2007. We are offering it as a free download, however please note that it is incomplete.

Listen to Audio November 2006
Ecclesiastes (MP3 CD)

Ecclesiastes 8 – Part 6

Transcript not available

Listen to Audio January 2015

Year End Gifts

Time spent before the end of 2012 determining the best ways to make your charitable gifts, can help you stretch your charitable dollars. Pending and proposed changes to tax laws could affect the amount that you can deduct for qualified charitable gifts beginning in 2013.

Read Blog Post December 2012
Bible Questions with Michael Pearl - What is the Terror of the Lord? - Episode 086

What is the Terror of the Lord?

Regarding “The Terror of the Lord” as seen in 2nd Corinthians 5:11, could you explain this?

Watch Video June 2012
Luke (Audio) (Digital Download)

Luke – Audio Preview (FREE)

Samples from the Book of Luke.

Listen to Audio December 2011
Good and Evil Animation Episode 1

Good and Evil Animation Episode 1

First episode of a 13 episode series. The goal of this project is not to create entertainment for Western Christians. It is a tool missionaries will use to teach the Bible chronologically to those who know little or nothing about God.

Watch Video December 2011
Created To Need A Help Meet - Digital Audio

Created To Need A Help Meet – Audio Preview (FREE)

Listen to a sample from Chapter 2 of the upcoming Created To Need A Help Meet audio book!

Listen to Audio February 2012

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